Increase your productivity and organize your workspace with a KRADL Aluminum Vertical Stand by UPPERCASE.

You don’t go anywhere without your MacBook. It’s there on the plane, the bus, in the library, and at the coffee shop. But what about when you’re not on the go? Hunching over a small screen at home of the office is bad for your eyes and back, besides being generally uncomfortable.

The KRADL Aluminum Vertical Stand by UPPERCASE is the solution. This small, elegant dock serves as a convenient desk stand for your MacBook while connecting it wirelessly to another monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Optimizing your workspace, your comfort, and your style has never been easier. Just clip your MacBook into the KRADL and it will enter into “clamshell mode” (this mode allows you to use your closed MacBook from an external device). From there, you can use all the power of your MacBook on any other device without the hassle of cables or clutter.


Despite being small and portable, this stand is a strong and safe place to store your MacBook. The KRADL Aluminum Vertical Stand by UPPERCASE is made of aerospace-grade aluminum to and it’s supported from below by anti-slip silicone that clings to all surfaces. The minimalist design gives the KRADL a subtle yet refined look as it holds a MacBook in the vertical position, which optimizes space and looks great.

If you’re worried about compatibility, rest assured that the KRADL Aluminum Vertical Stand by UPPERCASE supports all of the external devices that are compatible with your Mac. It comfortably fits the 12” MacBook and 11” and 13” MacBook Air, and is even compatible with the iPhone and iPad! KRADL comes in a variety of colors which correspond perfectly with all the MacBook color options.

Get vertical with KRADL here.