Leica has been synonymous with quality in the optics industry for nearly a century, and the release of the new TL2 only raises their standards of perfection.

The TL2 is the third model in Leica’s APS-T “C” series of mirrorless digital cameras, and as is to be expected, some significant improvements have been made. The first noticeable change is the all around sleeker and sexier design. The bulky edges of its forebearers have been sanded down to smooth curves that make it a pleasure to handle.

But the real magic happens from the moment it powers on. An increase in processing speed means that the camera boots up faster and has a more responsive touch screen than ever before, making tasks like zooming and navigating much more fluid.

When it comes to taking photos, the support of the 24-megapixel APS-C sensor combined the Maestro II image processor make for some stunningly detailed shots. The next-gen processing power bolsters shutter speed to an amazing 20fps for the electronic shutter and 7fps for the mechanical one. The TL2 is also equipped with an upgraded 49-point autofocus system that captures minute details almost instantly. And to top it all off, the TL2 now shoots crystal clear 4K video.

The TL2 has been designed with customizability in mind. The new non-native lens support means that with a simple adapter, many existing lenses can take advantage of Leica’s cutting-edge tech. In addition, other accessories like external flash or the optional electronic viewfinder can be clipped onto the hotshoe with ease. Leica has even gone a step further by adding a customizable button next to the shutter release, which can be programmed to make your own shortcuts for switching viewfinders or activating image review.

The Leica TL2 is available now in grey and black models.