Designed by mad coffee scientists, the Fellow Stag Pour-Over Kettle might be the best coffee kettle on the market.

The bubbling brew, the aromas, the rich colors—all are a part of the experience of each cup of coffee. But there may be no better moment the first satisfying pour. Whether it’s into an epic-sized mug or an old canteen, nothing is more tantalizing than the sights, sounds, and smells of black gold rushing from a hot kettle.

But how much does the kettle factor into all that goodness? More than you think! A solid kettle provides balance, temperature control, and precision, while lesser pots and kettles only spill and spatter.

The Stagg Pour-Over Kettle by the coffee geniuses at Fellow combines everything you want in a kettle with bold design and comfort to create an all-around coffee experience that can only be described as heaven.


This suave coffee kettle comes equipped with a brew-range thermometer that makes it easy to know when your coffee is at the perfect temperature. Just wait until the thermometer hand heads into the red range and you’ll know when it’s time to pour.

The perfect coffee pour is not sloshy and fast, but slow and steady. The custom spout on the Stagg Pour-Over Kettle is engineered to pour at the optimal rate, guaranteeing energizing aromas and a perfect temperature once it hits your cup.


A solid anchor is needed to provide a balanced and steady pour, and on a kettle, this anchor is the handle. The Stagg Pour-Over Kettle’s weighted handle changes the mass dynamics of the kettle to give you more control over every pour.

The Stagg Pour-Over Kettle by Fellow is made of high-grade stainless steel and will be a breakfast companion for years to come. It comes in matte black or polished steel.


Start boiling with Stagg here.