Weather tested and warranty protected, the Blunt Metro Umbrella is ready to take on the toughest conditions without buckling or bending.

We all know the sad feeling of being the sucker walking down the street with an unruly umbrella, fighting tooth and nail against the wind as onlookers cast judgmental glares through the rain.

There’s no need to show up to work or to a date with wet shoes and shoulders ever again. The Blunt Metro Umbrella is an affordable and fashionable shield from the elements. The poncho-powered minds at Blunt are serious when it comes to weather. Each umbrella is given a 38-point check before being shipped out to ensure their strength and impermeability.


One of the most impressive tests is the wind test. Blunt umbrellas are actually tested in wind tunnels to maximize wind resistance and the strength of their spokes. The Metro Umbrella is the flagship design by Blunt and is able to withstand gusts of up to 55 mph!

The secret to the strength of Blunt umbrellas lies in their Radial Tensioning System. This unique system distributes stress throughout the entire canopy surface, giving you more control when opening and closing the umbrella.


The Blunt Metro Umbrella is also equipped with BLUNT® Tips. These rounded spoke tips are safer and much more sturdy than your average umbrella tips, and they have the added benefit of maintaining the umbrella’s form in even the harshest conditions.

Weather has spelled the end for many an umbrella, but far more have been lost to forgetfulness. The Blunt Metro Umbrella has prepared for this by building a Tile directly into the canopy. Lose your umbrella? Just activate your Bluetooth and you’ll be out of the storm.

The Blunt Metro Umbrella comes in many color options. A protective mesh case is included and each umbrella is covered by a 5-year warranty.


Stay dry with Blunt here.